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YK FOR's owner, Yvan Ketterer, brings over 20 years of experience designing, developing and watchmaking for prestigious Swiss and foreign high-end labels and fashion brands.

Yvan was born in Switzerland in Bienne. His memories of watchmaking start from around 6 years old. He spent many hours observing his grandfather at the bench repairing watches after a long working day at the watch factory.

By the 80s Yvan was working in microelectronics after graduating as an electronic product designer. His grandfather's death re-ignited his passion for watches and he realised that this was, in fact, his true vocation and that a career change was needed. He embarked on design studio experience, perfecting the inherent skill that he discovered had been passed down by his grandfather. He perfected his art, graduated from WOSTEP* school and went on to work as a watchmaker.

Then he joined Swatch Group as a product manager working for Tissot. In the 90s Yvan was appointed Head of Creation & Development for high-end swiss manufacture Girard-Perregaux. He held the position for about 10 years before tracing his own path founding YK FOR’s company in 2011.

For several years now on, a few confidential watch brands have benefited from Yvan’s knowledge and demanding eye.

*Watchmaker Of Switzerland Training and Educational Program.