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Our mission is to offer our clients the skill to create and produce timepieces with their ideas, wishes or needs in mind. From the initial idea to the end product, we supply the expertise, creativity and watchmaking know-how that our passionate specialists have mastered over decades. We are fully committed to fulfilling our clients brief in terms of quality, budget ...and time.

Based in Neuchâtel, the geographical heart of the Swiss watchmaking region, YK FOR benefit from an important network of specialised Swiss and foreign contractors at your service.

At YK FOR, we love crazy ideas and taking up new challenges! We're looking forward to hearing from you!



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YK FOR's owner, Yvan Ketterer, brings over 20 years of experience designing, developing and watchmaking for prestigious Swiss and foreign high-end labels and fashion brands.

Yvan’s memories of watchmaking start from around 6 years old. He spent many hours observing his grandfather at the bench repairing watches after a long working day at the watch factory.
By the 80s Yvan was working in microelectronics after graduating as an electronic product designer. His grandfather's death re-ignited his passion for watches and he realised that this was, in fact, his true vocation and that a career change was needed. He embarked on design studio experience, perfecting the inherent skill that he discovered had been passed down by his grandfather. He perfected his art, graduated from WOSTEP* watchmaking school and went on to work as a watchmaker, then product manager, then head of product creation and development for famous Swiss watch manufacturers and fashion brands.

*Watchmaker Of Switzerland Training and Educational Program.





  • Brand positioning
  • New brand construciton
  • Collection structuring
  • "Instant Heritage" construction
  •  Brand story telling
  • Advertising campaign developement
  • Corporate identity developement


  • Watches and accessories


  • 3D computer design development


  • Complete high end to high street watches 
  • Swiss and foreign watch components
  • Luxury accessories
  • Leather goods
  • Corporate gifts
  • Watchmaker toolings


  • Products training solutions
  • Technical and sales manuals
  • 3D computer films and imaging solutions
  • Product photography